Suki MG

Suki MG

Magnetic Strip Guidance

Suki Series Magnetic Strip Guidance AMR is a mobile robot that can automatically navigate and transport materials from one location to another. It is suitable for (not limited to) manufacturing, textile, automotive, food & beverage, warehousing and hospital operations, etc.


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    Product Model Suki-MG-S-03
    Base Dimension (WxLxH) W: 400mm x L: 1000mm x H: 300mm
    Navigation Method MG: Magnetic
    Towing Payload 300 kg
    Maximum Speed 30 m/min
    Running Time (100%-10%) 8 hours
    Charging Time (10%400%) 3 hours
    Stopping Accuracy MG: ±10mm
    Travelling Direction Forward, Branch Left / Right
    Turning Radius 800mm
    Drive Method Steering
    Charging Method Automatic & Manual Charging available
    Mode Standalone / Fleet Management System (FMS)
    Battery LifePo4 Battery, 25.6V, 40Ah
    Feature and Interface
    Safety Feature 5m adjustable range Laser Scanner xl
    Bumper Switch x1
    Emergency Switch x2
    Safety Indicators Color LED lighting, Music playback & Alarm
    Motor Type Industrial Servo Motor with Close Loop Drive
    Onboard Interface 2x16 Yellow Backlight LCD
    WiFi Frequency 2.4/5GHz
    Operating System NavWiz
    Customisable I/O Not Included
    Payload Handler Hooking Pins x2

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