Brand: ELITE, Taiwan

PCB Routing Machine

  • “Full-color and high-resolution CCD camera assisted teaching, user-friendly interface facilitates”
  • Line, arc, curve routing available
  • Avoid manual or punch depanelling cause stress to damage PCB
  • Extended router bits life by multistage auto compensation of Z height to reduce cost
  • Left and right twin tables to increase production
  • Low maintenance cost, highest cost/performance ratio


Cutting Speed 0~1000mm/sec.
XY Repeatability ±0.02mm
Control System PC -based 3-Axis controller
XYZ Driving AC Servo motor
Operating System Windows 7
Cutting Accuracy ±0.1mm
Spindle Rotation Max 60,000rpm
Static Eliminator
Power supply 1ɸ, AC 220V 50/60HZ
Air Supply 4~6 Kg/cm²
flow 2500 L/Hr
Power consumption 3KVA
Dust Collector 3HP Bottom suction
Power supply of Dust Collector 220V (380V)3ɸ
Router Dimension (W*D*H) (DS) 1240*1466*1673mm

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    Brand: HEDA, China

    Table Top PCB Routing Machine

    Desktop PCB Router
    • Designed for PCB multi-joint plate cutting with curve cutting function
    • It is featured for low noise, small size and high precision


    Operating range270X270X50350X350X50
    X,Y cutting speed0~100mm/sec
    Rotational speedMax 50000rpm
    Weight (Kg)6580

    Brand: HEDA, China

    PCB V-Cut Machine

    • All V-Cut S.M.T.D. PC board are applicable to this machine
    • Can minimize stress occurrence ans prevent welding point crack

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      Brand: KBC, Korea

      SMT PCB Cutting Supporter

      • Motorized Operation with safety sensor
      •  Automatically sends the PCB board using rotating upper blade
      •  Sending of the board is activated by Engage Gear & Release gear operation.


        EM-260M EM-360M EM-460M
      Max Cut size 260mm 360mm 460mm
      Upper Blade 160 / Thickness 1.5mm / Circle type
      Lower Blade 270mm 370mm 470mm
      Dimension 600X645X432 600X816.5X439 600X1018X439
      Weight 37KG 39KG 42KG
      Component Limit 50mm upper side / 27mm lower side

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