Scienscope’s X-Ray inspection systems division offers state of the art X-ray cabinet systems with the highest performance to price ratio in the industry today. All of our X-Ray Systems include several advanced and user friendly software tools which are required for a wide variety of inspection needs.
Scienscope X-Ray inspection systems are assured to meet your x-ray inspection needs.


Xspection 1860

A versatile X-ray machine that offers comprehensive circuit board defect detection and quality assurance for the SMT industry worldwide.


Detection Range16″x18″ / 400mm 460mm
Maximum Tilt50° 
Inspection SpeedStepper Motors
Maximum X-Ray Power90kV, Min. 5µm
Flat Panel Detector5″x5″ 14bit
Resolution1536px x 1536px
Pixel Size85µm
Optical Inspection CameraYes


Automatic ProgrammingYes
Fiducial RecognitionYes
Automatic Void Percentage Calculation Yes
BGA MeasuringYes
BarcodeOptional (Laser Scanner)
Windows 11Yes

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    X-Spection 3000

    The X-Spection 3000 X-Ray Inspection System is the latest addition to the X-Scope platform. Based on the very popular X-SCOPE 2000, it adds a larger working area, more power and can use the same 130kV X-Ray source found in our flagship model, X-Spection 6000.


    • Fully integrated, 110 or 130kV high power micro focus closed X-ray tube
    • Spot size down to 5µ
    • 4”x3“ high resolution CMOS digital flat panel image detector
    • 50° detector tilt for oblique angle viewing 25.4” x 19.5” Inspection area
    • Color mapping camera with zoom window provides easy location and identification of faults
    • Z axis movement of the x-ray tube and detector
    • Computer controlled kV and mA settings
    • Computer controlled variable speed X-Y stage
    • Simple point and click, intuitive GUI provides access to create advanced inspection routines
    • BGA Void detection and automatic calculations
    • Easy macro recording for intuitive step and repeat programming
    • Various measuring tools for radius, area, perimeter, etc.
    • Industrial PC with Windows 7 PRO, 24” LCD flat panel display


    X-Ray Source: Micro-focus, integrated (closed)
    Operating voltage: 110kV or 130kV
    Maximum Power: 16 W 50-130kV
    Minimum Focal Spot Size: 5
    Micron Magnification up to: 900x

    Grayscale: 14 bit (16,384 shades of grayscale)
    Speed: 40FPS
    Resolution: 49.5μm or 99μm
    Detector Size: 4” x 3” high resolution , 4” x 3” ultra-high resolution or 5” x 5” high resolution

    Sample Table Size: 645mm x 496mm / 25.4” x 19.5”
    Inspection Area: 595mm x 460mm / 23.4” x 18”
    Oblique Angle View: +50°

    Dimensions: 53.5” x 53.5” x 66” (81” including light tower)
    1358mm x 1358mm x 1677mm (2057mm including light tower)
    Weight: 1400kg /3080lbs (steel lead welded construction)
    Power: 110-230 VAC 50/60 Hz 300Wh (auto switching)
    Industrial PC: Microsoft Windows 7 PRO (64-bit)

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      Brand: SCIENSCOPE, USA

      AXI 7300

      The AXI 7300 is a state-of-the-art inline X-ray inspection system equipped with inlet and outlet conveyors.


      Inspection Area635mm x 358mm
      Maximum 5-axis Tilt45°
      Maximum X-Ray Power130kV 5µm
      X-Ray Flat Panel Detector4″x 3″ (5″x5″ Optional)
      System Magnification800x
      Resolution of Main Camera1248×1024
      Air Specification0.4-0.6 MPa
      Max Length of Measurable Product650mm
      Max Width of Measurable Product500mm
      Max Height of Measurable Product70mm


      Automatic Void Percentage Calculation Yes
      Offline ProgrammingYes
      Repair StationYes
      Discrepancy ComparatorOptional
      Windows 11Yes

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