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Brand: BONKOTE, Japan

Label Dispenser

PowerAC 220V 50/60 Hz
Length Cut5~999 mm
Tape Width8~120 mm
Tape ODf 250 mm
Max. Speed4 m/min
Net Weight6.0 kg
Dimension(mm)240×210 × 270

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    Brand: BONKOTE, Japan

    Tape Dispenser

    • Cut tape automatically
    • Can use two tapes simultaneously
    • Operation friendly
    PowerAC 110/220V 50/60 Hz
    Length Cut5~999 mm
    Tape Width8~50 mm
    Tape ODf 17 5mm
    Max. Speed200 mm/sec
    Net Weight3.2 kg
    Dimension(mm)140×160 × 230

    We’d love to help you boost your production efficiency.
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      Our label dispenser machines are equipped with advanced features such as adjustable speed control, precise label positioning, and user-friendly interfaces, allowing for seamless operation and optimal efficiency. With customizable settings and versatile capabilities, our machines can handle various label sizes and types, accommodating different packaging requirements.
      In addition to label dispenser machines, we also offer tape dispenser machines to meet your packaging needs. Our tape dispenser machines provide efficient tape cutting and dispensing, ensuring secure and neat packaging for your products.
      With precise cutting mechanisms and adjustable tape lengths, our machines enhance packaging efficiency while maintaining the integrity of your products. Partner with us for your packaging solutions and experience the convenience and reliability of our label dispenser and tape dispenser machines.