PCB Screen Printing Machine in India

Brand: INOTIS, Korea


  • Used in SMT lines after AOI, separates NG PCBs.
  • Motorised 3 stage Conveyor system ensures a reduction in the waiting time for PCB transfer
  • PCB Push-Down Unit is used for big size PCB to prevent warpage
  • RPSS Control which displays & controls real-time pressure for squeegees
  • Built-in MES and Barcode Port
  • Built-in Cp, Cpk Generator
  • Suitable design for BTB Layout

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    Metal Mask

    rame Size650*550mm650*550mm1000*1000mm
    Print OriginCenter



    Min Size50*50mm
    Max Size510*510mm610*510mm800*400mm
    Thickness0.4 – 6.0mm
    WeightMax 3.0KgMax 4.0KgMax 5.0Kg





    Pass Line920±30mm
    StageSingle Stage
    BeltsFlat Belts(Anti-Static)Time Belts
    ClearanceLess Than 5.0mm both side
    Components+20mm / -20mm
    ClampingEdge / Vacuum Chamber / Multi-Point Clamp / Top Clamp
    Width AdjustMotorized Width Adjustment
    Cycle TimePCB Moving7.5 Sec8.5 Sec10.5 Sec
    Model ChangeLess Than 10 min
    AccuracyRepeatability±15 um
    SqueegeeMaterialMetal / Urethane
    DirectionFront <-> Rear
    Power1Ø 200-230(VAC), 50/60(Hz), Less Than 2.0 KVA
    Pneumatic5-6 (bars) , 10Ø Air-hose,Max 150 l/min
    WeightApprox950 Kg1000 Kg1100 Kg

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