Automated Optical Inspection System


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    Kyoritsu’s automated optical inspection systems are the perfect solution for ensuring high-quality and reliable production in various industries. With advanced technology and precise imaging capabilities, our optical inspection systems provide comprehensive inspection and analysis of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies.
    Using a combination of cameras, lighting, and sophisticated algorithms, our automated optical inspection systems can detect defects, such as component misalignment, soldering issues, missing or damaged components, and PCB trace anomalies. These systems perform inspections at high speed, significantly reducing inspection time and improving overall productivity.
    Investing in our automated optical inspection machines ensures that your products meet the highest quality standards. By automating the inspection process, you can eliminate human errors, increase inspection accuracy, and achieve consistent and reliable results.
    Our machines are designed for ease of use and integration into your production line, providing seamless and efficient optical inspection for enhanced quality assurance. Trust our automated optical inspection systems to optimize your production processes, minimize defects, and ensure customer satisfaction.