PCBA Functional Testing

Brand: Kyoritsu, Japan / Product: In-circuit Tester


  • Fastest in the industry – 2.5 times faster testing speed than conventional reed relay based tester
  • Patented Ultra Advanced Solid-State Switching Technology and direct computer control to measurement boards without using a co-processor
  • Assured detection of solder bridging in the production PCB, missing components, the incorrect value of inserted components, the wrong type of component inserted, misaligned component
  • Industry 4.0 ready, highly user-friendly software
  • Lightweight, compact, easy mobility
  • Large scale applicability in Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Communication Systems, Medical Equipment, Aerospace and Defense, etc.
  • Low ownership, Maintenance-free
  • Greater Test Coverage and Direct OEM support
  • Built in self-diagnostic board to check the condition of measurement board.
  • Maximum test points/nodes can be test upto 2048. Also expandable 2049 to 16000 nodes/pins

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    CPUCeleron G540
    Display17inch color LCD display
    Power supplyAC100V~240V ±10%(50/60)
    External interfaceRS232C Ethernet USB(2.0)
    Panel size(Typical)420mm×330mm Standard
    PrinterThermal(paper width:57mm single color)
    System dimension730mm×800mm×1540mm
    Air pressure0.4~0.6Mpa(Dry clean air)
    Environment conditionTemperature:10℃~30℃, Humidity:0%~80%
    System weight130Kg
    Power consumption130VA

    FCT FOCUS 4000

    • Focus 4000 is combination of powerful ICT Focus 2000 & FX series modules
    • Function Testing Modules: Digital Oscilloscope, Digital multimeter, Open/short test, digital I/O, Relay Unit, Programmable Power Supply
    • Optional function : CAN/LIN/K-Line communication test, IC Programming
    • User friendly Windows 10 OS
    • Easy Maintenance and user friendly System software
    • Industry 4.0 ready
    • Built in self diagnostics board to check condition of measurement board
    • Low cost, compact and modular structure

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      • High Speed Test
      • Each and every pin test
      • Super compact size
      • Use semiconductor Photo MOS relay
      • USB 2.0 Controlled for FX-Modules
      • OS Windows 10
      • Function software FX-Builder
      These functional modules can be used :
      • as an independent measurement unit
      • as part of measurement system
      • as a measurement system


      Inspection applicationWill design FX Builder/Tester or specified software as per requests.
      Measurement instrumentsFX300: Digital multi meter module
      FX500: Digital I/O module
      FX610: Multiplexer module
      FX620: Relay module
      FX700: Multi function test module
      FX710: Multi source meter module
      [Note] Existing measurement products can be integrated.
      Power supplyControl ready-made stable power supply(Voltage・Current)
      CommunicationCompatible for RS232C,GPIB,SPI,CAN/LIN communication
      Flash/ROM writingprocess such as download, program and verify can be done automatically by using ready-made programmers
      TraceabilityInspection date can be saved as CSV format.

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        Brand : EMERIX, Korea


        • New Design Of XYZ With High Speed Controller
        • Optimized Probe Routing
        • Automated Calibration, Teaching and De-bugging
        • Soft touch technology.
        • Probing speed controls.
        • Automated test program generation from CAD data.
        • Full test data stored in csv format.


          TK-2 TK-2X TK-2R
        UUT Probing Single side Single side Single side
        Probe Flying Heads Dual Dual Dual
        Footprint (LXWXH) 1200X1100X1700 1350X1350X1750 1600X1500X1750
        Board Thickness (mm) 4.5T 8.0T 8.0T
        Max. Board Size (mm) 380X240 440X470 670X670

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          We provide compact ATE’s platform along with fixturing solution for Bench-top as well as stand-alone testing. The test procedures can be customized and automated to meet the customers requirements with test steps & go/no-go limits program in the software window.

          _System Configuration_

          Input Power Meter
          12 Channel Input Power Meter
          Specifications 400V/5A, automatic range design
          Resolution 0.01V/ 0.1mA/ 0.1W
          Accuracy 0.1%
          12 Channel programmable electronic loads
          Specifications 500V/10A/ 100W per channel
          Working mode CC/CV/CR/CP/LED
          Expansion power by multi channel parallel
          Resolution 0.005V/1mA/50mW
          Accuracy 1%

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            Brand : EMERIX, Korea

            Portable Trouble Shooting PCB Testers

            • Partial Area Test (Selection) or Full Array Test
            • Fixtureless Platform Inspection for NPI and RMA
            • Automated Teaching, Route Optimization & Guided Probing Routine with target UUT images
            • Easy programming and learning feature on Emerix software GUI
            • Full Test Data tracking in CSV or TEXT file format (traceability)
            • Build in Self-test and Smart tweezer simple auto adjustment (No calibration needed)
            • Testable SMD types 0201 using Smart Tweezer
            • No need for expert technician to operate, simple guided GUI
            • CAD Convertor to import CAD (optional) or start without CAD/Gerber, just target UUT images
            • Most affordable PCBA troubleshooting tools in the market

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              PCBA functional test services utilize state-of-the-art test equipment to ensure the functionality and reliability of your assembled printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). With our advanced test equipment and expertise, we conduct comprehensive functional tests to validate the performance of your PCBA and ensure it meets the desired specifications.
              Our PCBA test equipment includes a range of tools and systems designed for efficient and accurate functional testing. From automated test systems to custom test fixtures, we have the capabilities to test various aspects of your PCBA, including voltage levels, signal integrity, connectivity, and functionality of individual components.
              With our ICT 2000 test equipment available, we have the flexibility to adapt to different PCBA designs and testing requirements. Our experienced engineers work closely with you to develop test strategies and procedures that align with your specific needs, ensuring thorough and precise functional testing of your PCBA assemblies.
              Our comprehensive testing services help identify any issues or defects, enabling you to make necessary improvements and deliver flawless PCBA assemblies to your customers.