PCBA Reflow Oven Manufacturer in India

Brand: KAIT, China


  • Meet various high-class requirements for lead-free reflow process
  • Patent hot air system, using hot air convection conduction heat faster, more efficient compensation
  • PLC+PID closed-loop control to achieve high precise temp. control and repeatable profiles
  • Dual temp. sensors and dual safety control, the system shall cut off the power while abnormal case occurred
  • Various alarm function: over temp. alarm, abnormal speed alarm, and PCB dropped alarm
  • Modular design to get quick and simple maintenance so that reducing the maintenance time and cost
  • The rail is dealt with the hardened process to make it more stability
  • Perfect cooling effect with up 3 and bottom 3 cooling zones
  • Adopted thick aluminium plate as rectifier of hot air, The ideal energy storage effect is obtained and the heating speed is faster
  • Optional nitrogen system with oxygen concentration as low as 300ppm and nitrogen consumption as low as 10m3/hr

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    Heating zonesUp 10/ bottom 10Up 12/bottom 12Up 10/bottom 10Up 12/bottom12
    Heating length3892mm5675mm3892mm4675mm
    Cooling zonesUp 3/bottom 3
    Cooling systemAir cooling and optional water cooling system
    Exhausting flow11-12 M³/min X 2 exhausting
    PCB max width400mm(option 460mm)300mmX2(single rail 50-450mm)
    Rails structureOverall sectional type
    Chain structureDouble buckle for preventing pcb jammed
    Conveyor directionL-R(option R-L)
    Fixed rail sideFront rail fixed(option back rail fixed)1/4 fixed and 2/3 moveable or 1/3 fixed and 2/4 moveable
    Conveyor height900±20mm
    PCB transportingChain+ melt(option chain+ center supporting system)
    PCB height clearancePCB up 30mm,bottom 30mm
    Conveyor speed300-2000mm/min
    Auto chain lubricationMulti-lubrication mode can be chosen
    Power supply3PH,380V 50/60Hz(optional 3ph,220V 50/60Hz)
    Total power80KW96KW83KW99KW
    Starting up power36KW42KW38KW44KW
    Working power10KW11KW11KW12KW
    Warm-up timeApprox. 20 min.
    Temp. control rangeRoom temp.—300C°
    Temp. control modeClosed loop PID controlled with SSR drive
    Temp. control accuracy±1 C°
    PCB temp. deviation±1.5C°
    Data storageProcess data and status can be in storage
    Abnormal alarmExtra high and low temp.
    Color towerYellow,red,green 3 color lamp
    ColorComputer grey
    Rectfying platethick aluminium plate
    N2 configration“-N”N2 config. With closed construction and pipe, flow meter, water chiller, oxygen analyzer
    N2 consumptionStandard width machines(400mm): 300-1000PPM,10-20m³/hr;

    More big width machines(610mm): 500-1000PPM,25-30 m³/hr

    Center supportingWithout melt

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