Screw Tightening Tools & Equipment

Brand: VESSEL, Japan

Electric Screwdriver

  • Vessel Screwdrivers are lightweight, have excellent built quality, easy to use and has a long life.
  • Wide output torque range
  • Slotless Brushless Motor
  • Anti-fatigue gel pad

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    Output Torque Range0.01~0.1Nm0.06~0.34Nm0.15~1.0Nm0.3~1.5Nm0.4~1.8Nm1.6~4.5Nm
    ApplicableSmall ScrewM1.0-M1.7M1.0-M2.3M1.3-M3.0M2.3-M4.0M2.3-M4.0M3.5-5.0
    Torque Adjustment ring16-step x 5 scale24-step x 5 scale16-stage x 8 scale16-stage x 8 scale16-stage x 8 scale16-stage x 8 scale

    Brand: VESSEL, Japan

    Screw Feeder

    Model: VSF-5

    • Compatible with a variety of screw sizes
    • Adjustable with enclosed rail
    • Adjustment tool enclosed in set


    Input Voltage/currentDC 15V/0.7A
    Compatible screw sizeRegular screws/tapping screws: M1.0-M5.0
    Screw capacity200cc
    Dimension(WXDXH)126X182X147 mm
    Weight2.2 Kg

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      Brand: VESSEL, Japan

      Screw Counter

      • To prevent human errors during screw tightening work
      • Compact and lightweight, can be mounted anywhere
      • Convenient slow start function and final tightening function available


      Channel5 channels
      Count number
      Count methodCount up/count down selective
      Automatic reset timeseconds
      Slow start setting timeseconds
      Speed during slow start10 steps
      Screw tightening time upper limit time Screw tightening time lower limit timeseconds
      ConnectorDedicated connector open collector 7 contacts
      Working temperature/humidity
      Compatible models

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        Brand: VESSEL, Japan

        Torque Meter

        • Realize accurate screw tightening
        • Manage measurement data
        • Two measurement mode types
          • Peak Hold mode
          • Peak down hold mode


        Measurement range0.002-0.8Nm0.01-1.0Nm0.1-10Nm
        Data memoryData for 800 measurement values
        Battery life300 or more charges
        Dimensions160X125X55 mm

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