In Circuit Tester (ICT) Machine in India

Brand: KYORITSU, Japan


Model: ALMAX-2000
  • Almax ICT is fully automated In-line ICT for high volume production
  • Built on industry’s leading MDA + ICT
  • Easy maintenance and fixture change
  • Delivers the fastest ramp up of test coverage among all similar testers
  • Full automation capabilities reduce labour costs
  • Easy software for programming & debugging

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    Max PCB size:250X330mm
    Min PCB size:50X50mm
    Board thickness0.8-1.6mm
    Board weight1.2Kg
    Top side component height70mm
    Bottom side component height20mm
    Direction of board travelRight to Left (Std) or Left to Right (option)
    Carriage height880mm ± 960mm
    AC source supplyAC 100V
    Operating Temperature5˚C-35˚C
    Operating Humidity30%-80%

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