PCB Conformal Coating
Line System in India

Brand: TTnS, Korea

Coating Workcell

TTnS conformal coating systems with the total solution can provide edge-defined transparent film build selectively in the inline production. The techniques of non-atomized film patterning, tri-mode spiral dispensing in addition to the focused curing ideas of TTnS patented, user-environment friendly. It comes true bubble-free selective dry film where almost no material losses exist. ln addition, it ensures double to triple up throughput (UPH) improvement as well as excellent material penetration plus adhesion by aids of TTnS unique coating technologies of “Intermittent Film Dispensing“ and “Pulse-Controlled Spiral Spraying”.

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    • Precision, 5-Axis Cartesian Robot
    • Equipped with Easy Coat Manager Software (ECM)
    • Dual Heads with Needle Checker
    • World Cutting-Edge Cutting Technologies
    • High Energy Saving more than 50% compared to usual IR Curing


    • PCBA Size : Min. 60(W) x 60(D)mm, Max. 360(W) x 350(D)mm with Standard Platform Max. 460(W) x 350(D)mm allowable with 2 Stepped (Extra) Platform
    • PCBA Thickness : 0.8(mm) – 4.0(mm)
    • PCBA Edge Clearance : Min of 3.5(mm) both sides
    • PCBA Pass-Line Height : FL(+)900±50(mm)
    • PCBA Transfer-Conveyor Running Speed : Max. 300(mm/sec) / adjustable by STEP motors
    • Motorized Width-Adjustment in RS25 Transfer-Conveyor / by STEP motor
    • Pulse Action : TTnS Exclusive, TPC999 millisecond scale, 4channels, Pulse Time Controller
    • Transfer-Conveyors : Run left to right
    • Transfer-Conveyors : Front-Rail Fixed
    • Communication : Compatible with SMEMA Interface, Spec. 1.2
    • Primary Electric Power : 220(VAC) x single phase x 50/60(Hz) x Max. 3(KVA)

    Brand: TTnS, Korea

    Curing Oven

    TTnS Convection Curing Oven basically runs at magazine basis and selective convection heating processed where the magazine of coating-works stacked repeats a cyclic moving as programmed. And it is mostly useful for curing solvent based materials such as acrylic, epoxy, urethane resin and rubber. Under the unique selective heating circumstances and/or with the reinforced system design eligible for US/Europe safety standards, precise SCR-control and wide-vision of advanced Touch program, ECO99C has accomplished a bubble-free solution, minimal 50% energy & working space savings in the fully automated continuous coating processes.

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      • Electric-powered, Convection Focused heating
      • Magazine-base curing creates Bubble-free Solution
      • Better working conditions, User & Environmental friendly
      • Free Knocked-down structure with advanced Insulation panel
      • Safety interlock of the systems


      • Primary Power Supply: 220(VAC) x 3phase x 50/60(Hz) x 32(Ampere) peak
      • Primary Compressed Air: min. 60(psi) at Ø6 hose, DCA
      • Fume Vent Stack: Ø125 at one place
      • Noise Level: ≤ 72dBA
      • Shipment System Weight: 960(Kg)
      • Space Requirement: 1,100(D) x 1,750(H) x 2,500(W) mm

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