Industry 4.0 MES Smart Factory Automation

V-Sky Soft

SMT Industry MES

Including warehouse management, production management, quality control and other modules.

Warehouse management:

  • enables your material registration to be completed in less than a second
  • Location management, first-in-first-out control
  • Humidity sensor management
  • Provide automatic component material tower solution (hardware + MES control, display automatic storage of materials, effectively save space and reduce labour costs)
  • Provide intelligent robot solution (hardware + MES management, achieve JIT feeding, achieve lean production)

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    Smart Warehouse

    Intelligent Warehouse Management:

    • Comprehensive material management and enhanced ERP
    • Real-time feedback inventory
    • Warehouse and interaction with the shop, automatic lean material requirements
    • The combination of robot and material tower makes distribution more automated


    • Ability to maintain near-perfect inventory accuracy
    • Automated logistics displayed on mobile terminals
    • Advanced pull material logic operation
    • Real-time material consumption information


      Allows users to view the graphical chart based on process needs.
      Monitor process performance and execute production planning with different charts plotted from databases linked to V-ONE.
      Provides continuous monitoring on production status and operational performance.
      Allows users to access machine PC to ease the troubleshooting process and perform fine-tuning remotely.
    • ALERT
      Configurable V-ONE alert module based on different models with specific triggering conditions according to user requirements will automate the process monitoring.
      Allows technicians or operators to manage assigned work orders and maintenance activities.

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      • Real Time Machine Monitoring
      • Predictive Maintenance
      • Integration with common database
      • OEE Monitoring
      • Yield monitoring
      • Call rate analysis
      • Mobile notification

      We’d love to help you boost your production efficiency.
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        SpecificationMinimum Requirement
        OSWindows 8
        Processor/MemoryPentium2 and later / 64MB and more
        HDD / CD-ROM64MB and more / CD-ROM (Program Installation)
        Video Card / Connection1024X768, 16 bit and more / RS232C

        MES Smart Factory Automation solutions are at the forefront of Industry 4.0, enabling you to transform your manufacturing processes into highly efficient, interconnected, and intelligent systems. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, and data analytics, our smart factory automation solutions optimize production, enhance decision-making, and drive operational excellence.
        Our smart factory automation systems leverage real-time data collection and analysis to provide valuable insights into your production line, enabling you to monitor and control every aspect of your operations.
        From machine monitoring and predictive maintenance to inventory management and quality control, our MES solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to streamline processes and maximize productivity. Experience the benefits of a connected and intelligent manufacturing environment with our smart factory automation machines and solutions.