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Fast smart modular mounter

Overwhelming productivity x versatility.
Highest throughput with advanced all-in-one mounter.


  • Class leading speed, up to 47,000 cph
  • Newly developed “Takumi Head” with changing recognition sensor height
  • Optimum line balance and highest throughput
  • Wide component range from 0201 (metric) to large connectors and ICs
  • Optimal for LED placement

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    Fast Smart Modular Mounter
    Model RS-1R
    Machine Dimensions 1500*1800*1440 mm 1500*1800*1440 mm 2000*1800*1440 mm
    Conveyor specification standard 150mm conveyor extensions,
    upstream and downstream
    250mm conveyor extensions,
    upstream and downstream
    Board size minimum 50×50㎜
    maximum 1 buffer 650×370 ㎜ (Single clamping)
    950×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,100×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,200×370 ㎜ (double clamping)
    3 buffers 360×370㎜ 500×370㎜ 600×370㎜
    Component height 25㎜
    Component size 0201*1 ~□74 ㎜ /150×50 ㎜
    Placement speed Optimum 47,000CPH
    IPC9850 31,000CPH
    Placement accuracy ±35μm(Cpk≧1)
    Vision recognition ±30μm
    Feeder inputs max.112*2
    Power Supply AC 200V to 415 V 3 phase
    Apparent Power 2.2KVA
    Operating Air Pressure 0.5+/- .05 MPa
    Air Consumption 200L/min for internal vacuum generator, 50 I/min with optional vacuum pump
    Mass (Approximately) 1700 kg
    JUKI RS-1XL Supports bigger size of PCB Board i.e 650x560 mm

    Brand : JUKI, JAPAN


    High speed compact modular mounter

    Achieves high-speed mounting with the
    best-in-class area productivity of 100,000 CPH


    • High-speed placements of up to 100,000 CPH.
    • Best-in-class placement rate per square meter (sq ft).
    • Integrates seamlessly with the production environment
    • Trace Monitor tracks quality throughout production process
    • Low impact placement for flexible circuits
    • The P20 high-precision planet head is ideal for high speed pocking and placing from a single reel.
    • State-of-the-art cantering and inspection vision system
    • New high accuracy camera for inspection and cantering

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      High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-8
      Board size 50×50~510mm*¹ *²×450mm
      Component height 3mm
      Component size 0201*³~□5mm
      Placement speed
      Chip 100,000CPH
      ±0.04mm (Cpk ≧1)
      Feeder capacity Upto 56 *⁴
      Power supply 3-phase AC200V, 220V 430V *⁵
      Apparent power 2.1kVA
      Operating air pressure 0.5±0.05MPa
      Air consumption (standard) 20L/ min ANR (during normal operation)
      Machine dimensions (W x D x H)*⁶ 998mm×1,895mm×1,530mm
      Mass (approximately) 1,810 kg (with fixed bank)/ 1,760 kg (with bank changing)

      Brand: JUKI, JAPAN

      JM - 100

      JUKI Advance MI Solution

      Advancing versatility, quality and speed


      • Best in class speed.
      • Component insertion time down to 0.6 seconds for vacuum nozzle and 0.8 seconds for gripper nozzle.
      • New “Takumi head” with multiple recognition heights
      • Component Feeding
      • Line control using JaNets software

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        JUKI Surface Mount Technology System


        Multi Task Platform JM-100
          Standard specification
        (Lsize PWB)
        Clinch specification
        (Lsize PWB)
        With using Clinch unit Without using Clinch unit
        Board Size 1 time clamping 50㎜×50㎜~410㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~410㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×50㎜~410㎜×360㎜
        2 times clamping 50㎜×50㎜~800㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~800㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~800㎜×360㎜
        PCB Weight max.4kg
        Component Height max.30㎜
        Component Size Laser recognition 0603~□50mm
        Vision recognition □3mm~□50mm
        Insertion Speed
        (Insertion components)
        Vacuum 0.6 sec/part*1*3*4
        grip 0.8 sec/part*2*3*4
        Placement Accuracy
        Laser recognition ±0.05mm(3σ)
        Vision recognition ±0.04mm
        Power Supply 200 to 415 V AC 3 Phase
        Apparent Power 1.8KVA
        Circuit Breaker Standard
        Operation Air Pressure 0.5±0.05 Mpa
        950 mm Conveyor Height 900mm ± 20mm
        Machine Dimensions 1500 x 1500 x 1450 mm
        Weight 1300 Kg

        Brand: JUKI, JAPAN

        LX - 8

        Advanced Flexible Mounter | Pick and Place Machine

        JUKI's LX-8 is the ultimate solution for any production line. With its cutting-edge technology and versatility, it allows users to choose between the P20 rotary planet head and the Takumi Head with adjustable head height for precise placement. The machine's advanced features enable users to work on complex projects with ease while also maximizing efficiency in quick production runs. JUKI's LX-8 is the perfect partner for any manufacturing setup looking to streamline their processes and boost productivity.


        • P20S Rotary Head, Parallel Placement Heads, & Dual Lane Conveyor
        • Detect tombstones, component presence/absence, & upside down components.
        • Achieves high-speed placements of up to 100,000 CPH.
        • Low impact feature allows separately adjusting the down and up speed of the nozzle during placement.
        • The number of feeder slots is 160 or more, the highest in the class.

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          Advance Flexible Mounter LX-8

          P20Sx2 P20SxTakumi TakumixTakumi
          Board size Single clamping 50×50 ~ 410×400 mm /500 mm
          Double clamping 50×50 ~ 810×400 mm /500 mm
          Component height 3 mm 25 mm
          Component size Maximum 0201 03015
          Minimum 5 mm 65 mm /10 mm x90 mm /50 mm xœ5 mm
          Placement size (optimum) 105,000CPH 99,500CPH 94,000CPH
          Feeder capacity Tape Max. 160*⁴
          Tray Max. 30 Max. 60
          Power 3-phase AC200V, 220V~430V*⁵
          Apparent power 2.49 kVA
          Operating air pressure 0.5±0.05MPa
          Air consumption (standard) 50L /min (ANR)
          Machine dimensions (WxDxH) 1,600 mm x1,800 mm x1,440 mm
          Mass (approximately) 2,500kg

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