ODD Form Component Automatic Insertion

Brand: HEDA, China


We design nozzles and clips to fit different odd components according to different shapes for easy replacement to secure high-speed inserting.

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    VisionMark CCDX1
    Coneyor Height900 ±20mm
    PCB Size (WXL)50X50mm to 300X350mm
    PCB Thickness0.6~2.0mm
    Nozzle Quality4pcs
    AC Power220V~240V 20A
    Size (LXWXH)1350X1400X1560mm

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    Kyoritsu's Odd form component automatic insertion machines are designed to streamline the manufacturing process by automating the insertion of non-standard or irregular-shaped components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). These machines excel at handling Odd form components, which are often challenging to place accurately and securely by hand. With our advanced technology and precision control, our odd form inserters ensure efficient and reliable insertion, enhancing production efficiency and quality.
    Our Odd form component insertion machines are specifically engineered to handle various odd form components, including connectors, transformers, relays, and other specialized components. These machines incorporate innovative feeding systems and placement mechanisms to accommodate these components' unique shapes and sizes. Our auto insertion machines excel at high-speed, accurate placement, reducing manual labor and eliminating the risk of errors associated with manual insertion.
    Kyoritsu's ODD form component automatic insertion machines offer numerous benefits to electronics manufacturers. By automating the insertion process, you can significantly increase production output, reduce assembly time, and improve overall product quality.
    Our machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces and programming options, allowing for easy setup and quick changeover between different component types. Stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art ODD form insertion machines, revolutionizing your production line for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.