Qube TS

Qube TS

Laser Guidance

Qube Series Laser Guidance AMR is a cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible mobile robot that automates internal transportation in various kind of industry. This robot is using Laser-based Natural Feature Navigation to navigate around swiftly. Providing with built-in program that easy to setup, QUBE is ready to go!


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    Product Model QU I3E-TS-S-03
    Base Dimension (WxLxH) W: 525mm x L: 853mm x H: 350mm
    Weight including Battery 80 kg
    Carry Payload 300 kg
    Maximum Speed (Rated Payload) 1.5 m/s (5.4 km/h)
    Running Time (100%-10%) 8 hours (43 km)
    Charging Time (10%-100%) 2 hours
    Stopping Accuracy Laser Sensor (Natural Feature) ±50mm ,±2°
    Laser Sensor (Marker/Docking): ±10mm, ±1°
    Turning Radius 0 mm
    Minimum Width for Pivoting 1000 mm
    Navigation System Laser-based Natural Feature Navigation
    (with Marker/Magnetic Strip Guidance for precision)
    Driving System 2-Wheel Differential Drive
    Navigation Direction Forward, Reverse, Turning around centre of two driving wheels
    Battery LiFePO4 Battery, 25.6V, 40Ah
    Charging Method Manual Charge: Through cable
    (Safety brake will be triggered)
    Auto Charge: Dock charging through charging station
    Feature and Interface
    Safety Feature Emergency Switch x2, Safety Laser Scanner x2,3D Camera x41, Ultrasonic Sensor x4, Bumper x2
    Safety Indicators 360° RGB LED lighting, Music Playback & Alarm
    Onboard Interface 5 inch, 800x400 pixels, Capacitive Touchscreen
    Communications 2.4GHz / 5GHz WiFi
    Additional I/Os Modbus TCP supported LAN xl
    General USB port xl
    Digital I/O :4 Input, 4 Output
    Payload Handler Not Included

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