Autotube System

Brand: SAN-EI TECH, Japan

Autotube System

AUTOTUBE system allows users to directly dispense a tube or a cartridge-type material like a silicon adhesive using a special container with air pressure instead of refilling it to other containers. The material can be dispensed without causing air bubbles and an operator can handle the operation without hand fatigue.

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    ModelATD 100C-GATD 2000C-GATD 300CB-G
    Dispensing ControllerSDP400G-AT
    Reservoir set
    Inner reservoir (100g):5192C-STInner reservoir (200g):560517A
    Outer reservoir (100g):SH92R-STOuter reservoir (200g):560520Outer reservoir (330g):580091
    Retaining Cap:SH95R-STRetaining Cap:SAR65R
    Air line:SAR59Air line:SAR59

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