Refurbished Solder Paste Printer

Machine Model : DEK- Horizon 03iX

Vintage : 2010- 2014

  • The DEK NeoHorizon 03 iX with the DEK HawkEye 750 camera system
  • Semi-automatic stencil load
  • IUSC under stencil cleaning system features a core cycle time of 8.0 seconds
  • Machine accuracy of ±20 µm @ 2 Cmk for use in high-mix environments.

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    Machine Specification

    Machine Alignment Capability >2.0Cpk @ +/- 12.5µm, (±6 Sigma)    
    Process Alignment Capability >2.0 Cpk @ +/- 25µm, (±6 Sigma)   
    Core Cycle Time 10 secs (9 secs with HTC option)   
    Maximum Print Area 510mm* (X) x 508.5mm (Y   
    Printer Construction One piece optimised welded frame   
    ISCANTM Machine Contro Motion control using CAN BUS network   
    Operating System Windows 7 Standard embedded   
    Camera  HawkEye® 750 digital camera   
    Camera Positioning Rotary motors and encoders with 4 micron resolution   
    Squeegee Pressure Mechanism Software controlled, motorised   
    Stencil Positioning Manual width screen depth adjuster   
    Stencil Alignment Motorised via actuators X, Y, and Theta   
    Squeegee Clamped double trailing edge squeegee  

    Machine Model : MPM 125 / 125+

    Vintage : 2008- 2014

    • The perfect union of reliability, capability,
    • Flexibility and simplicity, MPM 125 surpasses in its performance class.

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      Machine Specification

      Accuracy & reapatibilty ±12.5 microns (±0.0005") at 6 sigma  
      Maximum Board Size (X x Y)609.6 mm x 508 mm  
      Board Thickness0.8 mm to 5.0mm  
      Maximum Board Weight4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)  
      Board Edge Clearance3.0 mm (0.118")  
      Maximum Print Area (X x Y)609.6 mm x 508 mm  
      Print Gap (Snap-off)0 mm to 6.35 mm  
      Print SpeedUp to 305 mm/sec  
      Print Force0 to 20 kg  
      Camera SystemSingle digital camera  
      Fiducial TypesStandard shape fiducials  
      Stencil Frame Size737 mm x 737 mm (29" x 29")  
      Cycle Time 13 seconds standard