Pick And Place Archerfish

Brand : Essemtec, Archerfish, Switzerland


Precise and fast, just like the Archerfish! Introducing the flexibility and scalability of PCB production on a minimal floorspace. By combining several processes on a single machine, hundreds of feeder options and a choice of valve options, you can quickly produce and test new electronic designs. Fastest time to market accelerates profitability in the industry through agile job changeover powered by our intuitive ePlace software.

Compatible With All Cost Optimization.
Advanced Essemtec Platforms

Highest Flexibility
  • Improve time to market/ NPI/ Immediate repair
  • No waiting for stencil, process variation adaptation
  • Jetting in cavities, Pin in paste jetting
  • PCB design freedom - all programmable
  • 2.5D placement and dispensing applications
Software For All Processes.
  • Gerber file conversion and CAD data import
  • One click production file generator
  • Real time visualisation
  • Connectivity SECS/GEM, iTac, OIC, Hermes

Essemtec Archerfish SMT Pick & Place System


Pick and Place puma2 (up to 2 valves) puma4 (up to 1 valve) fox2 (up to 1 valve)
Optimal placement speed 11’200 cph (2-axes) 18’100 cph (4-axes) 12’000 cph (2-axes)
Feeder capacity 8 mm tape 260 (140 inline) 280 (160 inline) 180 (120 inline)
Component size range 008004 (imp.) up to 80 x 80 mm (Note specs for details)
Placement accuracy (x, y) Chip ± 40 μm (3σ) / QFP ± 30 μm (3σ)
Max. PCB dimensions 560 x 610 / 1’800 x 610 mm 560 x 610 / 1’800 x 610 mm 406 x 305 mm
Machine footprint 1’557 x 1’357 mm (61 x 53“) 1’557 x 1’357 mm (61 x 53“) 880 x 1’090 mm (34.7 x 43“)
solder paste jet printing
Viscosity range < 2’000’000 mPa*s
Min. possible dot Ø / volume >200 µm / > 2.5 nl
Optimum speed Up to 80’000 dots/h
Useable solder pastes Type 4-7 ( jettable)
Valve heater Included, max. 60°C
Useable cartridge sizes 5 ccm / 10 ccm / 30 ccm
Optimum speed (dots/h) Glue Jet: 150’000
Time-Pressure: 28’000
Volume: 24’000
Screw: 24’000
Dispense mode Dot, line, curve,
interpolated 2.5D contour
Placement XY dots 40 μm (3σ)

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    Expansion In Any Direction. Adaptive From Prototyping
    To High Speed Production.


    Full process control & traceabilty meeting automotive standards, Adaptation & stabilisation, Integration & datatransfer of existing pick&place machines as Diplan, UniCam, Cogiscan etc., Cleaning Station, High Precision Scale, Heat-/Vacuum Tables

    Media Heating - Needle and jet heating system

    Level Detection - Automatic syringe level detection

    Tray Slider/ Changer - Unique system to increase the amount of trays

    Increase Boardsize - Table extension to increase the processable board size

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