Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) Machine

Brand: ViTrox, Malaysia


Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) is designed to specially cater to different sizes of PCB assembly to be examined at a micron level with maximum throughput. This translates to increased production efficiency and cost savings for manufacturers.

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    Allowable Panel Characteristics **V810i S2EXV810i S2 XXLV810i S2 XLT
    Maximum panel size482 mm x 610 mm (19″x24″)660 mm x 965 mm (26″x38″)660 mm x 965 mm (26″x38″)
    Minimum panel size76 mm x 76 mm (3″ x 3″ )76 mm x 76 mm (3″ x 3″ )76 mm x 76 mm (3″ x 3″ )
    Maximum panel inspectable area474 mm x 610 mm (18.7″x24″)654 mm x 965 mm (25.75″x38″)654 mm x 965 mm (25.75″x38″)
    Maximum panel thickness7 mm (276 mils)12.7 mm (500 mils)12.7 mm (500 mils)
    Minimum panel thickness0.5 mm (20 mils)0.5 mm (20 mils)0.5 mm (20 mils)
    Panel warpDownside < 3.3 mm; Upside < 1.5 mmDownside < 3.3 mm; Upside < 3.3 mmDownside < 3.3 mm; Upside < 3.3 mm
    Maximum panel weight4.5kg15kg15kg
    Board top clearance50 mm @ 23 µm resolution25 mm @ 19 µm resolution50 mm @ 19 µm resolution
    38 mm @ 19 µm resolution15 mm @ 13 µm resolution31 mm @ 15 µm resolution
    38 mm @ 10.5 µm# resolution* Calculated from Board Top surface13 mm @ 11 µm resolution
    11 mm @ 11 µm resolution31 mm @ 10 µm resolution
    11 mm @ 6 µm# resolution13 mm @ 7.5 µm resolution
    * Calculated from Board Top surface* Calculated from Board Top surface
    Board bottom clearance70 mm80 mm80 mm
    Panel edge clearance3 mm3 mm3 mm
    Panel width tolerance±0.7 mm±0.7 mm±0.7 mm
    System resolution23 µm/19 µm#, 11 µm, 10.5µm, 6µm#19 µm/13 µm19 µm/15 µm /11 µm/10µm/7.5 µm
    100% Press-fit testabilityYes (With PSP2 feature)Yes (With PSP2 feature)Yes (With PSP2 feature)
    Maximum acceptable panel temperatures40 Deg C40 Deg C40 Deg C
    Power and Environmental
    System footprint (Width X Depth X Height)1566 mm x 2145 mm x 1972 mm2240 mm x 2460 mm x 1980 mm2240 mm x 2460 mm x 1980 mm
    Weight~3500 kg~5500 kg~6000 kg

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    AXI (Automated X-Ray Inspection) is an important method in electronics manufacturing since it allows for extensive and accurate analysis of printed circuit boards (PCBs). We offer advanced automated X-ray inspection machines that provide precise and efficient quality control solutions. Our automated X-ray inspection machines utilize cutting-edge technology, including 3D X-ray inspection systems, to ensure comprehensive analysis of PCBs.
    Equipped with high-resolution X-ray cameras and advanced algorithms, our automated X-ray inspection system can detect a wide range of defects, such as solder joint quality, component misalignment, voids, and hidden electrical shorts. The 3D X-ray inspection system captures detailed images, providing valuable insights into the internal structure and integrity of the PCBs.
    Our automated X-ray inspection systems are designed for efficiency and ease of use. With intuitive interfaces and user-friendly software, operating these machines is straightforward. Additionally, these systems offer fast inspection speeds, enabling high throughput and optimizing production efficiency.
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