Brand : KSM, Korea

Selective Soldering

  • A single nozzle type in which the nozzle moves from the bottom of the PCB to solder
  • A multi-nozzle type in which the PCB is lowered and soldered while several nozzles are fixed
  • The jig-covered PCB descends and is put into a large nozzle. There are types.

The model lineup is as follows.
(1) HS05-1000
  • PC control
  • Equipment consisting only of flux injection device and preheating heater
(2) HS05-2000
  • PC control
  • Equipment with solder bath and single nozzle
  • In-line connection with HS05-1000 Implementation of selective process
(3) HS05-2000Plus
  • PC control
  • All-in-one equipment with flux spraying device, preheater, and solder bath
(4) HS17
  • PC control
  • Equipment for implementing multi-nozzle and dipping type process
  • The soldering conveyor is servo-controlled to control the P CB lowering.

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