Brand: DEN-ON, Japan


  • Three-Point Auto Profiling with easy editing and up to 30 heating zones can be created to get best soldering result.
  • Wide support for the rework of < 01005 components up to 50 X 50 mm components
  • 10 times improved Sampling Accuracy Temperature Control
  • High performance with three point Heating (Top, Bottom, IR)
  • Two pressure sensors for high accuracy & precise placement of component
  • Non-contact cleaning with auto high sensing control
  • On the fly profile programming
  • Easy Operation with Component Print Station and Auto Flux Dipping


Specifications RD-500ds RD-500SV RD-500V RD-500VL
Maximum PCB Size 400mm x 420mm (16" x 17") 400mm x 420mm 500mm x 700mm 680mm x 800mm (27" x 32")
Device Size Range 2mm -50mm 01005(0402mm) or more * 01005(0402mm) or more * 01005(0402mm) or more *
Placement Accuracy +/- 0.025mm ±0.015mm ±0.015mm ±0.015mm
Electrical Requirement AC200-230V 2.6kW(1.4kW for Main Body, 1200W for Area Heater) AC200-240V 4kW AC200-240V 5.6kW AC200-240V 5.6kW
Top Hot Air Heater 700Watt Hot Air 1000W 1000W 1000W
Bottom Hot Air Heater 700Watt Hot Air 1000W 1000W 1000W
Area Heater 400W x 3(IR) 1200Watt Total 500W x 4IR 2000W 600W x 6IR 3600W 600W x 8 IR 4800W
Temperature Setting Range Top & Bottom Hot Air Heater 0 - 650 °C - - -
Temperature Setting Range Area Heater 0 to 650 °C 0 to 650 °C 0 to 650 °C 0 to 650 °C
PC Operating System Controller (Optional PC-500 or Recommended) Dedicated controller(PC-500V) Dedicated controller(PC-500V) Dedicated Controller (PC-500Vα)
Monitor Size Optional 17 Inch LCD Display or Recommended 17 inches LCD 19 inches LCD 19 inches LCD
Overall Size 580W x 580D x 735H mm 620W x 620D x 854H 770W x 755D x 854H 1199W × 947.5D × 883H
Overall Weight Approximately 50kg 70kg 100kg Approx. 109kg (240.30LBs)
Air Requirements 80L/min (0.2 - 1.0MPa) 0.7MPa(110L/min) 0.7MPa(110L/min) 0.6MPa 110L/min (90 PSIG)

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