High speed compact modular mounter

Achieves high-speed mounting with the
best-in-class area productivity of 100,000 CPH

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    • High-speed mounting of 100,000CPH*¹, best-in-class area productivity*²
    • Connected system cooperation
    • Create circuit data with simple operations that are easy to handle even for beginners
    • Reduce quality improvement time by linking with production support system trace monitor
    • Achieves high-quality production even with flexible substrates with low impact
    • High-precision planet head (P20 head) ideal for continuous mounting of the same parts
    • Extensive inspection items
    • High-precision mounting by camera recognition with new structure


    High speed compact modular mounter RX-8
    board size 50×50~510mm*¹ *²×450mm
    part height 3 mm
    part size 0201*³ to □5mm
    Component placement speed (our optimum condition) chip parts 100,000CPH
    Component placement accuracy ±0.04mm (Cpk≥1)
    Number of mounted parts Up to 56 varieties *⁴
    power supply Three-phase AC200V, 220V to 430V *⁵
    apparent power 2.1kVA
    Working air pressure 0.5±0.05MPa
    Air consumption (standard condition) 20L/min ANR (during normal operation)
    External dimensions (W×D×H)*⁶ 998mm×1,895mm×1,530mm
    mass Approx. 1,810 kg (Fixed bank specification) / Approx. 1,760 kg (Exchange trolley specification)