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Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt. Ltd. is established in India as a Subsidiary of its mother company
Kyoritsu Test System Japan to market, sale & after sales support of PCB In-Circuit Testers, Function testers.
& fabrication of test Jigs. Our association in India market is from 1994 since then we have supplied over
100 ICT machines of TESCON, Japan Brand model Point 70MB in this market. Later when TESCON
merged into Kyoritsu Electric Group in 2001 since then we have sold over 60 ICT machines (In-line as well
off-line ) viz. models Focus 2000, ALMAX in the India market.

We are a solid team of 20 well qualified and experienced engineers especially in the field of PCBA testing and therefore well equipped with the knowledge of ICT + FCT machines application, technical &service support, Pin fixture development, fabrication & debug. We have Main office and works at a town called Vasai (50Kms away from Mumbai International Airport) and branch offices in the cites viz. New Delhi, Bangalore & Pune. Our Annual sales turnover is above US$ 1.5 Million by sale of ICTs, Function Testers, AOM, Pin Fixtures & Services.

The prime focus of this new subsidiary is to extend the application &service support for its PCBA ICT Testers (Off-Line / In-Line), Function Testers, Fx-Series, Focus 4000 Combi Tester and the newly launched AOM Focus 5000 GX to our Indian customers. With its off the shelf USB based instrumentation modules Fx-Series (self Microprocessor based) and system integration software (Fx-Builder); it will be easy and simple for the R&D engineers/users to integrate their own customized function test system in a short time and there is no need to depend on the market available instruments and customized software which take 6 to 8 months further to develop.

The company's main objective is to provide ICT & Functional Test Solutions with in-house fabrication of jigs with tested & debugged test programs to its existing clients & future potential clients for not only Kyoritsu Testers but also for other makes. The Fx modules which work with independent microprocessor can be used either as a single instrument or as a composite measurement device, to integrate a complete test system with FX-Builder software.

The India subsidiary is therefore be of great assistance to its domestic customers on quick & quality supply of ICT & function test jigs due to availability of local manufacturing facility & also with instant warranty & spares support for the test equipments.




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