Welcome To Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt. Ltd. is established in India as a Subsidiary of its mother company
Kyoritsu Test System Japan to market, sale & after sales support of PCB In-Circuit Testers, Function testers & fabrication of test Jigs. Our association in India market is from 1994 since then we have supplied over 100 ICT machines of TESCON, Japan Brand model Point 70MB in this market. Later when TESCON
merged into Kyoritsu Electric Group in 2001 since then we have sold over 60 ICT machines (In-line as well
off-line ) viz. models Focus 2000, ALMAX in the India market.

Our products and services

  • Develop, manufacture, sales and maintenance of Focus 2000 series of In Circuit Tester Maintenance service for various type of Tescon brand machines such as Point 55Mb and Point 30GX  Maintenance service for Pulsetec Ltd. brand of In Circuit Tester      
  • Develop, manufacture, sales and maintenance of Focus FX series of Functional Test Module Design, integrate and build functional test solution incorporating FX builder software.
  • Manufacture and sales of IC LSI checker Focus 2005 
  • Manufacture and sales of Burn-in Board Tester Focus 275
  • Sales of various machine types of test fixtures (inspection fixtures



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